Spooky Studios: Happy Halloween!

We don’t know about you, but we just love this time of year. We finally manage to accept that summer is over and embrace the chunky knits, autumn colours, and pumpkin-spiced everything.
Halloween isn’t just about the new latte flavours; it’s a great opportunity to bring some extra fun to the dance studio. Dancers of all ages can get together and decorate the studio, dance to their favourite spooky soundtracks, and perform in super scary costumes. Halloween - like all holidays - is a great time to celebrate your dance community, and here’s our recommendations for how to make the most of every Halloween!
1)   Spooky Sets
We all have our favourite scary movie; whether it’s a throwback to Hocus Pocus, a Disney classic like the Nightmare Before Christmas, the Corpse Bride or even Ghostbusters. If your dancers are in need of a little boost now that the dark evenings are closing in, why not let them choose their favourite film soundtracks and work on their own routines in class? Since dance classes are often focused around preparing for competitions, it can help to bond the team together when they get to work on their own dances. Just a bit of fun, but it can really brighten the wintery mood!
2)   Playing Dress-Up
No matter how old a dancer gets, everyone has their go-to Halloween costume. Let your dancers come along dressed up in their Halloween outfit of choice, and you can even award a prize for the best one. Encouraging the younger dancers to choose their own costume (rather than setting a theme yourself) will allow them to explore their own creativity, and leave you with a super spooky group photo. SoInsta-ready.
3)   Bring a Buddy
Since they tend to be more relaxed than the usual weekly class, Halloween themed studio sessions could encourage new members to try out your dance school. Why not let your dancers bring a friend along to Halloween class and try it out? New members might be more likely to stay when they see how much fun your studio is, and a ‘fun’ class is a lot less intimidating for beginners.
4)   Party Time
To say thank you to all the dance parents and supporters who help make your little dancer’s dreams a reality, throwing a Halloween party at the studio is a great way to give back. Since the shops are stocked with sugary treats for the whole month of October, picking up some sweets and chocolate for a party spread is easier than ever. The dancers could even provide the entertainment, showing off their favourite Halloween routines. Who knows, it could inspire your next SuperCrew set…
However you celebrate the spookiest of holidays, we hope you all enjoy!