Look who's coming to the party! (Part 1)

How many talented dancers can you squeeze into one studio?!

... 24


Don't mistake this for a "How many dancers does it take to change a lightbulb?" joke! 

We're totally serious about the awesome talent we got together at the world famous Pineapple Dance Studios in London this month, to go through our updated competition judging criteria for 2018. It may have been cold and dreary outside, but it was full of light inside. And no lightbulbs were changed!


Best of the Best

UDO invests in training for all our competition judges in order to meet our exemplary standards in providing consistent and fair scoring for all. Therefore, by competing at any UDO event you can be confident that you'll receive the most comprehensive judging, adjudication and scoring for your performances across all UDO competitions and categories.

We have a fabulous team of competition judges, MCs and DJs from all over the world – as you can see! We also have a team of Head Judges who act on our Competition Advisory Panel, and who expertly determine our rules and scoring system, as well as ensuring delivery of the highest standards of judging that we expect of all our competition judges. They are independent to UDO, but are top industry professionals.


So, here goes... we're immensely proud to introduce your first group of accredited UDO judges for 2018:

• John Graham
• Calvin Francis II
• Christian Alozie
• Super Malcolm
• Stamenković Marko
• Marta Szlachcianowska
• Jessie O'Reilly
• Chris Donnelly
• Wesley Clack
• Harry Barnes
• Christabelle Field
• Bgirl ROXY
• Rikoshay
• Pierre Lafayette-Marsh
• Frankie Jplague Full
• Tjaša Žibert
• Ola Papiór
• Hazel Culliney
• Jordan J-Funk Franklin
• Bruno Perrier
• Geni Lou
• Yukiko Masui
• Emily Golding-Ellis
• Curtis Butler


Phew!! Hope you're as excited to see these guys at the UDO events as we are!

There will be a second training day for more of our phenomenal judges, so look out for the next rundown of UDO's judges that will complete the 2018 line-up. And no lightbulbs will be changed then either :)

We're immensely proud to work with the best in the business and to give you the opportunity to perform to them. All our judges are looking forward to seeing the awesome routines you guys are going to bring to the UDO events this year.

Get your dancing sneaks on everyone, and let's do this!



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