4 Things All Dance Parents Know

As a dance parent, you think nothing of rushing from dance class to competition, perfecting routines in the kitchen, watching showcase after showcase, helping out behind the scenes, becoming a dance school taxi driver, and working closely with teachers or other parents at the studio. Most of all, you know just how to support your child through the ups and downs of dance life. 

And as a dance parent, you’ve probably picked up a few of these things; read on to find out what they are…
1)    Practice makes Perfect
Whether that means listening to the same songs on repeat while your little one gets those hours of practice in, or hardly seeing them for all the time they spend at the studio, you know just how important that rehearsal time can be. Before a competition, you’ll be encouraging your dancer to do their very best in their category; from beginner right up to advanced, you know that they’ll be proud of themselves for working so hard. You just wish they’d change that damn song…
2)    Looking the Part
You’re not sure where you learnt this, but you’re now an expert at the competition outfits, hair, and makeup. French plaits? You’ve got it down. Back-combing? It’s like the 80s never quit. Identical street dance outfits? You know exactly where to find them. Smoky eye makeup? …Maybe by next year.
3)    Being No. 1 Fan
Sometimes, competitions don’t always go the way we want them to. If your dancer doesn't end up placing, you know just how to comfort your little one and remind them that it’s the experience that counts. When they do get a medal, trophy or certificate, you’re always the first to congratulate them with a big hug and a kiss. You know that you’re beyond proud of them regardless of outcome, and you remind them at every competition that doing their best is all that matters.
4)    Team Parent
As a dance parent, it wouldn’t be fair to let the kids have all the fun. By accompanying them to street dance competitions, of course you’re there to support your dance family. But, you can also have a go yourself: taking part in Parent Teams or Parent & Child duos can elevate your own comp experience. It’s a bit of fun, and a way to feel closer to the dancer you support so much.
Good luck to all parents competing in Parent & Child duos at Six Nations 2018!