Competition Rules & Judging Criteria

The United Dance Organisation sets the highest level of street dance competition standards.

UDO has clear rules, with giving the choreographer all his freedom.
We work hard to guarantee honesty and transparency, so that the best dancers can win.
The goal is therefore to give the dancers a great platform and competition experience during one of our dance competitions.


Music guidelines

Music is always linked to a performance

Here some tips to deliver teh best possible mix.

Check your music for swear words and texts that are sexual.
Especially with regard to DanceHall / ragga, where sung in Jamaican.

Check the MAXIMUM time for the level and age in which you are dancing (there is NO extra 5 seconds)
When mixing, make sure that all numbers are equal in volume
We recommend avoiding downloading music from YouTubr. The quality of this is usually lower than purchased version.
Always try to find songs between 192 and 320 kbps when using mp3
If you can not do this yourself, ask a good DJ, who can help you with this. 

** Please note: we will not listen to the submitted music before the competition

Questions about this, please contact us:

UDO Scoring System

Here we extensively explain the scoring system of UDO.

If you have any questions, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us. We are happy to answer your questions:


UDO Competition Criteria



Here a  video with explanation about the competition criteria.

If you have any questions about this please contact us and we can of course help you further


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