Here are some frequently asked questions and our answers to each question. If you have a question about one of these points, or have another question you want to ask, please contact us by e-mail or by phone, and we'll be happy to help you.

Phone: +31(0) 620957180

Email: info@udochampionships.com


1)      Do I have to be part of a dance school to be part of UDO?

No, it is free to become a member of UDO! You do not have to be part of a dance school, so when it comes to registering, just type "NONE" in the dance school field.


2)      Why do I have to dance in an age category for which I am too young?

A frequently asked question we receive is: "I am only 10 on 31 August, why do I have to dance in Under 12 throughout the year?" This rule brings us in line with most other professional sports. This rule makes it fair for everyone! If a dancer turns 12 in the upcoming dance year, he / she must dance all year round under 14 and so on, and so on. In U10-year-olds, for example, there are only 7-year-olds, 8-year-olds and those who turn 9 that year. All 9-year-olds who turn 10 have moved to 12 years.


3)      I have multiple "accounts", what should I do?

Our system does not automatically combine these. If you have 2 or more accounts, please let us know so that we can merge them.

The scores and ranking and henceforth will be on 1 account. Sometimes there are also different addresses and e-mail addresses, so also give the right information right away.


4) I have never become 1st and I have to promote to a higher division in the new season.

In the promotion, the

* ranking

* results national competitions

* results European and World Championships

* Masters

* results matches

Depending on the size of the division, a certain percentage will be promoted.

So also with a 2nd place it is possible that you will be promoted

The level of the dancer is indirectly examined by looking at the results.


5)      When should I create a new membership (Account)

You should NEVER do this. If you do not remember your password, request a new one.If you no longer have access to your e-mail address, we can always change this by telephone.



1)      Why do some jurors stand still and do others walk around during solo and duo?

As a jury, you have a better overview if there is some space between the jury and the dancer.Some have a better comparison if they remain standing and others prefer to walk around.The jurors realize very clearly that they should give the best possible assessment, because the dancers have worked hard enough for this.


2)      How do I order tickets?

This is very easy via the ticket site: www.dance24.nl
If you do this on time, the tickets are even slightly cheaper.
If it is not successful, this can also be done at the event.


3)   How can I become Jury at UDO?

Send an e-mail to info@udochampionships.com and ask about it.
You will have to fill in a form with experience and motivation.
Based on this it will be checked whether you can follow our training and be included in our jury panel