Chrybaby Cozie and Litefeet

Chrybaby Cozie and Litefeet 

With the announcement that Litefeet founding founder Chrybaby Cozie will be teaching, judging and performing at the UDO British Street Dance Championships 2019, we wanted to give you the lowdown on UDO's new esteemed faculty member and how he helped form the style ‘Litefeet.’

So what is Litefeet?

Also known as, ‘Getting lite’, Litefeet is a style of street dance that emerged from Harlem, New York in the early 2000s. Originally performed in the subways of New York, this style of dance has moved from subway to mainstream culture. This high energy style has now become increasingly popular in the street dance scene, with iconic moves such as the: Harlem Shake, Rev up, Chicken Noodle Soup, Bad One and Lock In, to name a few. The term 'litefeet' originates from dancers being light in their feet, dancing as if they are weightless. Alongside the dance style, there has also been a rise in Litefeet music; where the upbeat hip-hop beats allow ‘litefeeters’ to express their movement and build up their Lock ins. Well known collectives include: W.A.F.F.L.E, Brotherhood and 2Real Boyz just to name a few. Litefeet is now described as also being a culture, who has influenced famous musician, Chris Brown.

To view a tutorial of Litefeet, click here.

Tell us more about ‘Chrybaby Cozie’ ..

Daniel Holloway (known as Chrybaby Cozie), is a Harlem born hip-hop dancer who is considered one of the founding fathers of the increasingly popular style, litefeet. ‘Chrybaby’ started dancing at the age of 5, then progressed to the party scene where the danced has emerged from. He is the creator of Litefeet Nation Organisation,  and ‘Bwreckfast club’, which now has over 12,000 followers on instagram. As well as being known as a Litefeet legend, he has collaborated with an array of international music artists including: Chris Brown, ASAP Ferg and Ron Browns. ‘Chrybaby’s’ Litefeet hype has now been spotted globally, gaining popularity in Japan, France, Russia, and Poland.

Eager to take a masterclass with the founder of Litefeet himself? Head to the UDO British Championships 2019 where Chrybaby Cozie will be teaching.

Author: Zak Coles - esteemed dancer at Chainfam Dance Company and UDO marketing intern.