Who are Misunderstood?

By now, you’ve probably already seen the announcement across our social media channels: UDO street dance events will be hosting exclusive performances from the UK’s hottest new duo. We are so excited to be working with Misunderstood, and are already looking forward to their performance at the UDO British Street Dance Championships 2019.

 But who are Misundersood?

 The R&B duo have been taking the UK by storm since their fiery first performance of original song ‘Juicy Fruit’. From flipping off the stage to the high fiving the judges, the London boys had the judging panel – and audience – on their feet in applause. The video has racked up over 2 million views in the last 2 months, making it clear that their exit from the X Factor won’t slow their popularity. Speaking to Lorraine on her ITV show, the boys couldn’t have been more positive about their time as X Factor bookies’ favourite. “Going on live TV every weekend, being able to be yourself, I mean that was everything. We’ve had a blast!”

They enthused about their upcoming projects, and hinted at new singles dropping sooner than we may think. “We’ve got so much material that we weren’t able to put on the show, which we’re so excited to get out,” they confirmed. “The fan have been incredible…they’re definitely waiting for music, and we’re definitely going to be putting music out there.”

 Both graduates of BRIT school, the London-based duo have been in the business of performing for a long time. They were first spotted on our screens when they auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent with singing street dance group Myztikal in 2010.


Since then, they’ve worked with songwriter to the stars, Maegan Cotton, on their original pieces. They’ve performed across the country, and used their music to work with young people on issues such as self-esteem and bullying. Today, their Spotify playlist has racked up more than half a million downloads, and even a features song for the original soundtrack to Twist & Pulse’s Christmas film ‘Christmas Spirit’.

 Their energy is larger than life, with their unique style and original songs elevating every performance. Their music reworks classic R&B with reggae and pop overtones, speaking to the new generation of music lovers.

They promote unity, inclusivity, and support through their music, and we’re proud to be joining them on their journey!

Could you be a British Champion? Register to compete, and watch an exclusive Misunderstood performance, here.