UDO Online 10/11 April

Online, Online, Online, NL
April 10th 2021







UDO Online 10/11 April

Online, NL
April 10th 2021 - April 11th 2021

It is happening online!

Everyone is allowed to participate! All different ages & levels are welcome from Beginner to Advanced

Teams/Parents team/Mega Crews


LIVE STREAM: https://www.twitch.tv/udobenelux

Music download links Solo/Duo:

*bleep: Are you on your spot?
*3 seconds silence: to look better on screen to be sure that you are not walking anymore
*music: Dance at the best
*few seconds silence: stay in your place till you hear the next bleep

Solo+Duo Music: Will be online latest 10th of March 2021

Quad Music for this season:
Trio-Quad music 2020-2021

Send video to:

https://dancepromotions.wetransfer.com/ 31th of March 2020, 23.59 hrs at the latest**

Participation fee:
We will send you an invoice or PayPallink after registration

Solo  6 euro
Duo  6 euro (per duo not per person)
Trio/Quad  12 euro  (per trio/quad not per person)
Teams/Parents team/Mega Crew 40 euro (per team not per person)

* If you are not sure if you are allowed to dance together to make a video, you can check this at your municipality or safety region.

**Please note that this must be a new video, and that this is not a video that has already been entered for a UDO BENELUX Online Competition