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UDO World Street Dance Championships 2018

Teams, Solo and Duo Qualifications – UK

These are listed alphabetically on the Overall Ranking Lists below.


This includes the current top 3 highest scores for the European 2019, World 2018, and Six Nations 2018 championships.

Confirmed placements and additional qualification by ranking are listed by the key to the top right of each page.

All records show from the previous event to the next, i.e. from Europeans 2017–2018, Worlds 2017–2018, Six Nations 2016–2017.







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Please note that all overall results are updated apoximately monthly. Individual results are available below:

UDO South Wales Street Dance Championships 2018

UDO West Midlands Street Dance Championships 2018

UDO South East Street Dance Championships 2018

UDO South West Street Dance Championships 2018

UDO Scottish Street Dance Championships 2018

UDO Southern Street Dance Championships 2018

UDO Northern Ireland Street Dance Championships 2018


Qualification for Worlds and Six Nations 2018

Solo Qualification

Duo Qualification

UDO European Street Dance Championships 2018

UDO Lancashire Street Dance Championships 2018

UDO East Midlands Street Dance Championships 2018

UDO British Open Street Dance Championships 2018

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Main image credit: Kkyle Richardson, @downsouthpov