Faculty & Competition Advisory Panel

UDO's accredited judges are some of the world's leading dancers – the industry's elite.

Our Head Judges act on our Competition Advisory Panel and expertly determine our rules and scoring system, as well as ensuring delivery of the highest standards of judging that we expect of all our competition judges. They are independent to UDO, but are top industry professionals.

We invest in training for all our competition judges to meet our exemplary standards in providing consistent and fair scoring for all. Therefore, by competing at any UDO event you can be confident that you will receive the most comprehensive judging, adjudication and scoring for your performances across all competitions and categories.

We're immensely proud to work with the best in the business and to give you the opportunity to perform to them.


ROB RICH                                                                                 BUDDHA STRETCH                                                                    TERRENCE GREEN                      

JUDGE | WORKSHOP HOST                                                  JUDGE | WORKSHOP HOST                                                      HOST 

 Rob Rich                                Buddha Stretch                                       Rawswagger


Joining us from Imma Beast Convention:

UDO Head Judges & Advisory Panel

Big Kris UDO street dance judge

Big Kris

Christian AKA Big Kris You Tube Flawless video 

Calvin Francis UDO street dance judge

Calvin Francis II

Calvin Francis You Tube video


Clara Bajado UDO street dance judge

Clara Bajado

Clara Bajado Facebook Page  Clara Bajado You Tube

UDO street dance judge Lizzie Gough

Lizzie Gough

Facebook  You Tube  Website

Lady Venus UDO street dance judge

Stephanie Sit

Facebook  You Tube


Gemma Hoddy UDO street dance judge

Gemma Hoddy

Gemma Hoddy Facebook

UDO judge John Graham

John Graham

You Tube

Kenrick H2O Sandy MBE

Kenrick H20 Sandy MBE

You Tube

UDO UK Accredited Faculty

UDO street dance judges faculty


John Graham, Calvin Francis II, Christian Alozie, Super Malcolm (aka Wa Mbombo Mbombo), Stamenković Marko, Marta Szlachcianowska, Jessie O'Reilly, Chris Donnelly, Wesley Clack, Harry Barnes, Christabelle Field, Bgirl ROXY Rikoshay (aka Lee 'Rikoshay' Putman), Pierre Lafayette-Marsh, Frankie Jplague Full, Tjaša Žibert, Ola Papiór, Hazel Culliney, Jordan J-Funk Franklin, Bruno Perrier, Geni Lou, Yukiko Masui, Emily Golding-Ellis, Curtis Butlerv

[not listed in order]

UDO accredited street dance judges


Kieran Lai, Keistina, Mini Willets, Disi (Hawkz), Kieran Warner, Tom Malone, Jamie McAndrew, Dre, Reckless-Lee, Rhian Duncan, Kloe Dean, Alice Rhodes, Chuck, Jodelle Douglas, Paris Green, Viki Cercek, Naomi Patterson, Melissa Freire

[not listed in order]

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