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UDO Street Dance Syllabus

The UK's First Accredited Street Dance Syllabus

The UDO Street Dance Syllabus introduces the techniques and foundations in all styles of street dance, allowing dancers from the age of 3 to learn a comprehensive range of skills as they work their way through the grades and sit examinations. 

Teachers purchase the syllabus and are immediately able to put dancers in for examinations up to Grade 2. Teachers would then be required to sit their UDO Teacher examination to put dancers forward for Grade 3 levels and above. All set routines for all grades are taught on DVD.


The syllabus aims to provide:

  • provision of street dance examinations to set standards, and reward achievement and progression
  • provision of techniques through the UDO syllabus on which to train street dancers for a profession
  • UDO accreditation, as a preparatory step towards the Level 2 Certificate in Teaching Street Dance

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Developed by UDO

• Created and taught by industry professionals

• Grades from pre-primary to Qualified Teacher status

• Already being used in over 250 dance schools across the UK

• Teach the techniques and foundations of ALL street dance styles

• Rewards determination and progression of students

• Gives students achievable goals and levels to work towards




Teach your students the different street dance styles with the aid of industry professionals


• The syllabus encourages achievement and exhibits good work habits

• Rewards determination and progression in students

• Maintains structure within the dance school

• Is a mechanism to progress dancers and build confidence

• Gives the students goals and a level to work towards

• Students sit examinations in your studio / area, so no need to travel

• Become an examination centre, which can instigate extra income

Additional Benefits:

• Support from UDO in all examination work

• Marketing support from UDO

• Access to teacher training days

• Use of official UDO Accredited Teacher logo

• Referrals for teachers

• Be eligible for cheaper insurance through UDO

• Recommend a friend offer

UDO Street Dance Syllabus poster


UDO Academy Street Dance certificate


Your dancers will learn and improve in all street dance and hip hop styles, and be rewarded for their hard work and dedication


They will:

• Learn the techniques and foundations of each style

• Challenge themselves to develop their skills, attain personal goals, and unleash their potential

• Develop stronger technical disciplines and enhance their performance abilities to compete in UDO competitions

• Work their way through the grades, and they can even progress to achieve Qualified Teacher status

UDO Street Dance Training

The UDO syllabus is being supported by the Exercise Movement & Dance Partnership (EMDP) & Sport England

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