Why You Should Go 1v1

Street dance battles have formed the basis of urban dance culture since the style emerged from the New York backstreets in the 1980s. On the international stage, street dance battlers come from far and wide to compete at events, going head to head for the ultimate prize.
At UDO, we want to keep up with the ever-changing face of the battle world. We are offering five different styles to choose from at events: breaking, hip hop, house, locking, and popping. Not only that: we are also offering the over 16 battle winners a cash prize of £1000 per style at the UDO World Championships 2019. Battles have become increasingly popular at our competitions, and since we host the world’s biggest street dance event, we thought we should give our battlers a prize that reflects the prestige of the competition itself.
Battles are not only popular in the world of UDO; they’ve always been foundational to street dance culture in the UK and internationally. The battle scene in London is well-established, and battlers work in association with renowned organisations like Breakin’ Convention to promote street dance styles and participation. Battles let dancers get creative in their chosen style, showcasing their talent and drive.
Not only that, but street dance battles give you unparalleled competition experience; the hype from the crowd and attention from the judges is second to none. Everyone piles onto the stage, and the atmosphere is electric. Dancers always cheer each other on, supporting those who come out on top as much as they do the runners-up. Going 1v1 may seem daunting, but it allows you to step into the spotlight and let your creativity shine. With UDO, you can compete in hip hop, house, breaking, popping, and locking…what are you waiting for?
Top tips for owning the UDO battle floor:
1)   Confidence is key; don’t be afraid to make and maintain eye-contact with your opponent throughout your set. This can help get you in the zone to bring you’re a-game to the battle.
2)   Feel the music. Take a couple of seconds right before you start to listen for the beat, and psyche yourself up. Street dance is all about articulating the music, so show the judges how well you understand individual expression.
3)   Play to your strengths. With the options of hip hop, house, breaking, popping, and locking, UDO dancers can choose to battle in their favourite style.
4)   Push yourself. The battle floor is the perfect time to showcase a move you’ve been working on. You have the attention of the judges, the audience, and your opponent, so why not use this time to show exactlywhat you’re made of.
Your next opportunity to compete and qualify for Worlds 2019 in battles is UDO Six Nations Championships 2018. If you are already attending the event, entry to battles costs just £5 per style. If you only wish to enter battles, your event ticket will be £5 + an additional £5 per style. You can enter as many styles as you like!