Preparing for Worlds...

It’s officially Worlds month! All the qualifiers are complete, and UDO Worlds 2018 is right around the corner. Studios across the globe are now preparing to bring their A-game to the World Street Dance Championships in Glasgow at the end of August, and we at UDO HQ have been wracking our brains to come up with some ideas that could help you prepare. Whether you’re a dancer, a teacher, or a parent, we’d like to do what we can to help your road to Worlds be as smooth as possible.



Practice makes perfect: remember that your dance teacher is going to be working you harder than ever to make sure that you do your very best at the World Championships. If it feels like your teacher is being hard on you, take it as a positive; they will push you, but only to your help you be the best version of yourself. Teachers see so much potential in their dancers, and they won’t stop until they know that every solo, duo, crew, quad, and team is dancing their very best. Training for Worlds is also a great way to bond with your teammates, so make sure that you’re checking in with your squad from time to time. If you practice solidarity and support outside of the studio, it will shine through in your dancing.



Here it is, the official countdown. We can already tell you that you’ve done an amazing job to have dancers qualify; the chance to compete for a World Champion title is an incredible opportunity, and it’s safe to say that it wouldn’t have been possible without your hard work. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s certainly going to be worth it; at Worlds, your dancers will get performance experience unparalleled by any other competition, and they’ll get inspired by watching international crews and world-renowned judges take to the stage.



Supporting your children to prepare for the World Championships can take many forms; driving them to and from rehearsal, watching their recordings, helping them run their routine at home. You’ll be able to help them deal with dance nerves as it gets closer to the day, and reassure them throughout that it’s going to be an amazing opportunity. Let yourself get excited for them, but also for you; Worlds is a fantastic way to get to know your fellow team members even better, and our farewell to Glasgow promises to be our best year yet.


How are you preparing for UDO World Street Dance Championships? We want to be a part of your journey; take a video of how you and your team are getting ready for the competition, upload it to social media, and tag #RoadtoWorlds for the chance to win exclusive prizes!


Author: Hannah Evans