Back to Blackpool: all you need to know ...

Back to Blackpool: All you need to know…

 In case we haven’t made it obvious enough, we’ll say it again: we cannot wait to get back to Blackpool for the World Street Dance Championships 2019!

This year – we love that we can say that now – Worlds is going to be the biggest yet. Although we’re heading back to where it all began, we’ll be bringing the competition well and truly up to our 2019 standard - with more competition categories, countries competing and up to £40,000 in cash and prizes to be won.

Since changing the qualification rules in the U.K, we can promise the highest standard of competition to date. Dancers will be able to compete against the best from their country, and showcase their skills on a whole new level. We’ve raised the bar with battles, now offering prize money of £1000 per winning style. Our brand new Ultimate Advanced category will offer dancers of any age group to compete for the ultimate prize money and Ultimate Advanced Champion title. Interested in competing in the Ultimate Advanced category? You will need to have qualified in the advanced team category at our Championship events prior to the UDO World Championships!

What’s more, since our 2.0 Championships have been attracting such huge crowds, we already know how popular the quad section is going to be. As always, solos and duos will showcase the very best of street dance styles, and team routines will be going viral on social in no time.

We are also really looking forward to the SuperCrews: if you haven’t already, you need to get to a 2.0 Championship and compete in the most creative category there is. No style rules, no age or ability divisions, just crews of 18-40 dancers telling a story through street dance choreography. So far, we’ve had powerful, tear-jerking routines, as well as fun, film-based showstoppers. We are so excited to see what else you have in store: what are you waiting for?

In all of this, the best part about heading back to Blackpool will be getting back to our roots. We’ll be welcoming dancers from more countries than ever before, especially following our Asia-Pacific Street Dance Championships in November 2018, and our North America Hip Hop Championships in December 2018. Our dancers will get to see more talent, learn from a more international collective, and meet young people who share their passion.

Blackpool has always held a special place in our hearts as the home of UDO Worlds, and we are thrilled to be sharing this will our dancers from across the globe.

Want to join us? Make sure you get qualified at an event near you!